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“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Trevor Marks is Elite Team’s secret weapon, a top-of-the-line operator committed to bringing peace to a planet teetering on the brink of catastrophe. He’s a veteran of ferocious battles fought on the ground and dangerous, intricate wars waged in the cyberworld. He lives for the hunt.

Trev and his team have been hunting a powerful and mysterious enemy hell-bent on destroying the world. Time’s short, the stakes are too high and the odds are too low. Tomorrow is not guaranteed—for Trev, for Elite Team, for all humans walking the planet. The only way to save his friends and defeat his evil foe is to infiltrate his enemy’s lair.

Sometimes the only way to defeat an enemy is to join him—or in this case, her.

Mina Moses’s life has been anything but easy. Orphaned and alone, her gifted brain, her superb coding skills, and her pluckiness are the only reasons she’s survived the dark underworld that has tried to destroy her one too many times.

Mina is a hell of a hacker. So what if she skirts the law and games the system to achieve her goals? Her motivations are her secret. She hasn’t survived this long by being soft or believing in stupid slogans. She’s not heroine material, but when a vicious assassin catches up with her, she has to flee the digital realm she commands and fight for her life… in the real world.

For Mina, this is a terrifying proposition. Her only hope is to join forces with an old foe, the only other hacker who’s ever beat her at her own game. It doesn’t help that he’s as hot as he is brilliant, or that the visceral attraction between them threatens to obliterate her defenses and unravel her secrets.

She cannot, will not fall in love with her enemy.

The only way to stay alive in a world gone mad is to fight alongside your enemy and hope that both you and your heart survive.

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Alpha Heroes Book 10

Publisher: Ashton Publishing Group

Publishing Date: June 13th, 2023

Edited by: Gail Higgins