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Knox Lancaster is a cocky, insolent, roguish ex-SEAL who walks the earth as a scrumptious Stetson-wearing cowboy and has never been denied what he wants.

Until Karma catches up with him.

Karmen Roa—aka Karma— is a scrappy, one-shot, one-kill sniper with an attitude problem and a mouth that can shoot just as fast as she can pull the trigger. She's also gorgeous and dangerously hot in bed. Knox knows. He's been burned by her heat once before.

Unfortunately, she also has that stupid one-guy, one-night, no-repeat rule that she refuses to break. Knox likes his whiskey neat and his women fierce, but this woman?

She just might just prove to be his downfall.

Sebastian Aguilar lives under the shadow of the failure that ended his otherwise brilliant special operations career. Tormented by a past he can’t shake, he can’t explain what happened, but he can’t forget it either. An ex-Delta Force operator, he’s a warrior without a team, a drifter without a home, a man without a future. When his boss persuades him to take on a new mission, Seb knows that trouble lays ahead. He just doesn’t know how much danger he’s about to face.

Graciela Rose is a woman convicted of a crime she didn’t commit. Fine by her. Prison is the perfect place to hide. But when she’s suddenly released for good behavior, Gracie finds herself alone, destitute, and under attack, fighting to save the only home she’s ever known, which lies in ruins.

When through a mysterious twist, Seb comes to her aid, Gracie has no choice but to rely on this strong, capable, sexy warrior to rebuild her home and her life. By day, they work side by side. At night, he sets her body on fire. Now Gracie has a chance to build a future for herself, and perhaps even for Seb—if they can overcome their demons.

But their enemies are hard at work and neither Seb nor Gracie are safe from their pasts or their secrets. To find justice, to unmask their enemies and survive, they are going to have to risk more than their lives. They’re going to have to put their hearts on the line.

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Alpha Heroes Book 7

Romantic suspense, Military romance, SEAL romance, sexy billionaire romance, special forces romance, contemporary romance

Publisher: Ashton Publishing Group

Publishing Date: January 2022

Cover Design: Rocking Book Covers