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The search for the Astor sisters is on.

Javier Guzman has been given a new mission and a second chance at life. After the tragic loss that led to his last mission’s failure, this Marine Raider has one last opportunity to climb out of the hellhole where he’s buried himself. Redemption is the only cure for the agony that haunts him.

Missy Astor has fled from her former life and her toxic father. She’s hidden herself away in the most unlikely of places and dedicated her time to improve the lives of others, her way to claim her freedom and atone for her father’s sins.

But even as she learns she’s being hunted by her father’s murderer—a killer who has pledged to exterminate her family—she doesn’t want to be rescued, especially not by Javier.

She may yet prove to be his greatest downfall.

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Alpha Heroes Book 12

Publisher: Ashton Publishing Group

Edited by: Gail Higgins